Golden Sunrise

Welcome to Hotel Golden Sunrise, where love meets the serene beauty of Nainital in February 2024. Nestled in the heart of the picturesque landscape, our 3-star haven invites you to embark on a romantic journey like no other. As winter bids adieu and the crisp air carries the promise of love, our valley-view rooms, rooftop restaurant Nirvana, and our charming family cottage await to make your stay unforgettable.

Embracing Romance in Valley-View Rooms

Imagine waking up to the breathtaking sight of the Nainital Valley from your window. Our cozy and well-appointed valley-view rooms set the perfect ambiance for a romantic escape. The tranquil surroundings provide a serene backdrop for you and your loved one to create cherished moments together. Let the beauty of nature outside your window mirror the love you share within.

Culinary Bliss at Nirvana

Indulge in a culinary journey that complements the romance in the air. The Nirvana, our rooftop restaurant, offers not just delectable cuisine but also a captivating panoramic view of the Nainital hills. Savor a candlelit dinner under the starry sky, with the mountains as your witness. Whether it’s a cozy breakfast or a romantic dinner, The Nirvana promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Family Cottage: A Haven in Nature’s Lap

For those seeking a more intimate and private space, our family cottage is a perfect retreat. Surrounded by lush greenery, this charming abode in the lap of nature provides the ideal setting for families or couples looking for seclusion. Enjoy the warmth of a fireplace, the rustle of leaves, and the blissful quietude that envelopes our family cottage.

Sunrise Breakfast and Sunset Dinner at Our Offbeat Spot

Begin your day with a romantic sunrise breakfast at our exclusive offbeat spot, where the first rays of sunlight kiss the Nainital Valley. As night falls, join us for an intimate sunset dinner at the same spot, surrounded by the warm hues of the evening sky. Let the scenic beauty of Nainital amplify the love shared over a delightful meal.

Mountain Biking in Samoani Range

For adventurous couples, explore the enchanting Samoani Range with our guided mountain biking tours. Equipped with top-notch safety gear, experience the thrill of navigating through picturesque trails hand in hand. It’s not just a ride; it’s a journey through the heart of nature, creating lasting memories of shared adventure.

Bonfire and Barbeque in the Backyard

Unwind in the evening with a cozy bonfire and a delectable barbeque experience in our scenic backyard. Share stories, relish the warmth of the fire, and enjoy a personalized barbeque session under the starlit sky. It’s a perfect setting for intimate moments and flavorful delights.

Jeolikote Village Trekking

Immerse yourself in the local culture with a trek to the charming Jeolikote village. The trek takes you through lush landscapes, offering glimpses of traditional village life. Connect with the simplicity of the surroundings and each other during this invigorating trekking experience.

Exploring Nainital’s Love-Filled Attractions

Beyond the confines of our hotel, Nainital beckons with its own romantic charm. Take a boat ride on the pristine Naini Lake, stroll through the vibrant Mall Road hand in hand, or venture into the snow-kissed hills for a heartwarming adventure. Nainital in February is a canvas painted with love, and Hotel Golden Sunrise is your gateway to this enchanting masterpiece.

Plan Your Romantic Getaway

As February unfolds, let love blossom in the heart of Nainital. Hotel Golden Sunrise invites you to celebrate your connection in an atmosphere of tranquility and beauty. Book your stay now, and let us be a part of your love story against the backdrop of Nainital’s timeless allure.Embrace the magic of Nainital, where every moment is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of love against the backdrop of the breathtaking Himalayan landscape.

Come, experience the magic of love at Hotel Golden Sunrise (Family Resort in Nainital)—where every moment is a testament to the beauty of togetherness.

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